Secure Data Backup
Storage in South Bend,

Store your backup servers offsite in our local data center. We’ve got the racks, power, and security to keep your sensitive information protected and your business up and running 24/7.

Mid-West Data Depot
Based on 1 reviews
Mid-West Data Depot
Based on 1 reviews

What Do You Get Out of Working with Us?

Cloud Based Hosting Services

99.99% Uptime

Redundant power and nearly 100% uptime

Secure and Reliable

Secure and Reliable

Your hardware is guarded in our tornado-proofed, high security site

Why Choose Us to Secure Your Data

In the event of an unlikely emergency, you want to make sure your business can keep operating.

You want to make sure you’re doing all you can do… But you’d like to keep your focus on your core business. Without having to worry about the safety of your data or building an onsite data center. The Mid-West Data Depot is your local, safe, and reliable information storage and backup service. 

We’re designed primarily for local businesses to have a reliable offsite location to store their backup servers and data. 

We can help you sleep well at night knowing your information is stored in a safe place.

All on our watch.

Ready to get started with secure, off-site data storage?

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There’s Risk Out There…

Unfortunately, there are so many different ways a business can lose access to their data, either temporarily or permanently. 

For example, you may worry about losing your business to hackers.

Or, if you and your staff simply don’t get your onsite data storage right? Well, let’s just say, downtime is very expensive. And data-loss can be downright devastating… 

The stats say there’s good reason to be worried about any of those scenarios. You’re not overthinking it: 

The bottom line is your company  is vulnerable to a host of threats, from cybercrime, to human error, fire, or hardware failure. Can you afford to be down for a long period of time?

You know you need secure backup storage… but you’re not 100% sure you’re doing all you could be doing. 

What would happen if your business had to shut down for a month?

Don’t let that be you. 

Let’s work together to keep that from happening!

Best Service: Our Ironclad
Backup Storage

As a regional data center and colocation facility located in South Bend, Indiana, we’re here to help prepare you to prevent and respond to emergencies

When you backup your data in a safe-site facility – one located in a different city, but within driving distance – you’re protected in the event of an emergency. 

With a team of experts who will walk you through the entire process, the Midwest Data Depot is your trusted partner for data storage.

Ironclad Backup Storage

How Our Service Works

You bring in your own rack mountable backup servers and the Midwest Data Depot provides  power, many choices of Internet Service Providers that you contract with,  and a secure facility. 

Our detailed protocols ensure the security of your off-site backups.

Physical security protocols include:

We have many ISPs available in the building, so you’re always able to communicate with your servers. If we don’t have your preferred ISP, we can work with you to provide an area for your ISP to be in the building. 

You’re able to remotely log-in to your backup servers and access your data. But if you need to physically access them, that option is always available.  

You’ll also love the access to our staff to help you if possible. You don’t get passed to a call center at Midwest Data.

Storage Service Provider

About the Midwest Data Depot

Our parent company is Midwest Family South Bend. As a local media company, we’ve been serving the  community since the 1950’s. 

Along the way we’ve realized that in today’s wired society, 24 hour uptime is a must for all business websites. And in order for businesses to provide a service online, their product must be available 24 hours a day to not only their customers but themselves.

We founded the Midwest Data Depot as part of our ongoing commitment to supporting small businesses in our local area.  

The Midwest Data Depot is focused on serving small and medium-sized businesses within a 200 mile radius of South Bend, Indiana. Our customers like that they can come over and see the servers, the racks, the building and other security measures for themselves.  

We pride ourselves in being a local provider you can trust, with an onsite staff you can talk to personally, and terms of agreement that are simple and transparent.  

Securing Your Data is Not As Expensive As You Think…

What if your business had to close down for a week… or a month?

If you’re like most business owners, that’s not a pretty thought. 

Or how much would it cost to build your own onsite data center? 

IT staffing alone could eat up your budget. Then add the expense of keeping that data center maintained with the redundant power and ISPs, climate control, disaster proofing, and regularly updating the network security certificates.  

(Not to mention that onsite data and back servers can go down with the rest of your ship in the event of an emergency. Onsite backups are never as safe as an offsite storage solution.)

Data Centers
A modest monthly fee for secure backup storage is a bargain compared to those scenarios! 

Because the Midwest Data Depot is a smaller, cost-conscious company, we have lower overhead, and can afford to charge less than the bigger place that you may be currently located.

With the Midwest Data Depot, you’re paying less than you will with a big name company in a large city, and you’re getting more personal attention from our professionals. (You’ll never talk to a call center here.)

Ready to learn more about our competitive pricing? Let’s chat! When we talk, remember to ask us about our multi-year discount.

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